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December 22 2014

makorra fans may very well be worse or just as bad as certain z/elink fans lmao

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sometimes i want to start on a new project but then i remember i should probably finish up the 100 other wips left unfinished haha. fuck.

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December 21 2014

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so if the fact that mike literally shared an article where one of the main points is “these two great bisexual girls are now dating and it is great” doesnt convince you that yes korrasami is canon that final scene was meant to be taken as a romantic one, then i dont have any hope for you

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Please try to tell me Korra and Asami holding hands and gazing into each others eyes was strictly platonic

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a day off~

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Another Kelly Kapoor gif that works for the Beth fandom.  This is basically everyone post MSF.

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View of the city from my house :)

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